Saturday, June 16, 2012

Here's my poem that's getting published in the book Stars in Our Hearts !!

Why Me?
© Samantha Larmon

Why did I get in that car?
I wonder as I lay in the street bleeding,
There’s glass and metal everywhere,
And I faintly hear someone speaking.

Then the ringing of a siren and flashing lights,
And I know I won’t be going straight home tonight.
They lift me gently, no swaying to and fro
I don’t see my friends; where did they all go?

They rush me off quickly
The lights white, blue, and red
And I am soon laying in a hospital bed.

I slowly fall unconscious
All my senses go dim
Thinking, where is the driver?
What happened to him?

I recall having that sheet pulled over my head
And being wheeled away from the hospital bed.
Will my friends ever realize that they left me for dead?
And because of them, many tears were shed?

I wonder why it was me who had to die.
After all, I didn’t drink and drive.

I shouldn’t have gotten in the car that day
And let my life be wasted away.
Something about this captures my anger at the time perfectly.